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I live at the bottom of some rambling steps, by the pool of a large house in Bellevue Hill. It was once a big family home but has since been converted into three units and ours is the tiny ‘pool house’ – what probably would have been the rumpus room once upon a time. We love it. Yes, it’s the tiniest kitchen in Bellevue Hill and yes you can be in bed whilst you’re eating at the dining table, but we don’t want to leave. Bob (my boyfriend) and I moved in 2 years ago and have, over time, made it a bit more ‘us’ I guess; as much as you can in a tiny space. Sometimes I like to pretend this is just my summer cabin, by the pool.

I’m a very visual person; I get to play with food for a living so I like to have things in my home that inspire that sense of play. I have a love affair with silly plastic dinosaurs and anything food related. I tend to gravitate towards anything bright so everything in here that I’ve collected is pretty colourful and reminds us of our times away. I collect images and postcards of fun, food related things that inspire the work that I do, but like anything they come in waves. One week I’ll be obsessed with flowers and the next I’m all about rusty car parts.





I studied production design for film in Sydney.  After working on some short films and plays I realised I was obsessing over the food a certain character would be eating, what they might have in their fridge or the cookbooks they had, and so I decided I just wanted to style food. It’s this obsession that I still wake up with. To support my study I worked as a caterer and waitress at functions. One event, jam-packed with VIP’s, I was serving beetroot tarts and the heavy dish slipped out of my hands. I collapsed as I tried to rescue it, but not before they slid down the perfectly pressed white pants of a dapper gentleman! He looked down at me laying on the ground with a look of such pity and disregard. I quit that night.

During my time in production I assisted some brilliant food stylists, learned a shitload and made some great friends. I also packed a million boxes of props, but it paid off, as I scored a gig playing in the pantry on Masterchef. After three seasons I left the world of TV to be a freelance food stylist and photo chef working for different mags, ad campaigns and short films. This year I joined the team at Gourmet Traveller as Food Editor and feel insanely lucky to be part of such a friggen’ awesome group of talented folk. I cook, style and prop the shoots and have an extreme amount of delicious food in my life. Bob is pretty happy about that too!




For Dish-Pig Cooks, my challenge was Empanadas from the newly released cookbook, Argentinian Street Food: Empanadas, Helados and Dulce de Leche. I was pretty excited about cooking this recipe; we generally love anything fried and stuffed around here. I chose the spinach and cheese ones as that combo is such a goodie, and I make at least one spinach pie a week so thought it would be fun to mix it up. The pastry was easy to make, it’s always so much better when you make your own pastry! I brushed egg wash on some and it was those ones that were better, they bubbled and were crispy little golden pillows of cheesy goodness. I served the final dish with beer, because, of course you would, and I made salsa cayena to go with them. Turns out empanadas are the perfect (pool) party snack! Come on over anytime.


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