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Labneh is a strained yoghurt cheese common throughout the world where it is used in various forms and flavours. The common element used in the making is the incorporation of salt and the process of separating the whey.

Makes  approx. 500gr


1 kg yoghurt (keep in mind you’ll get about half as much cheese as the yoghurt you put in)
1 teaspoon fine sea salt

Line a colander or strainer with muslin cloth ( also known as cheese cloth) place the bowl underneath to catch the whey.

Mix the yoghurt with a little salt and turn into the colander. Tie the corners of muslin together and leave to drain until the cloth has stopped dripping. For a soft spreadable result, allow 8 hours of time to drain. For a more cream cheese like consistency allow for 24-48 hours in the fridge where it will keep for up to 2 weeks. Alternatively, you can store in a sterilized glass jar covered in olive oil for up to 3 months.

Flavour with anything sweet or savoury, such as nuts, or drizzle with olive oil or honey.

Recipe by Kristen Allan


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