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dishpig_christophermorris_soupA take on a classic ancient Spanish soup ‘Ajo blanco’ with a twist.

Serves 4


250g whole blanched almonds
700ml iced water
80g day old white bread with the crusts removed,  soaked in almond milk.
3 garlic cloves
100ml extra virgin olive oil
75ml good quality  white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper
20- 30 Flat leaf parsley leaves
10-15 picked mint leaves
4 breakfast radishes
Nasturtium flowers

In a food processor blitz the almonds until they catch on the machine. You want to get it as fine as possible. You may need to stop it in intervals and stir with a wooden spoon . Slowly  add a little of the iced water to it turns in to a paste.

Squeeze the almond milk out of the bread and add to the food processor along with the chopped garlic. Slowly add the olive oil and the rest of the water.
Balance with vinegar, salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, thinly slice beetroot and radishes on a mandolin or with a sharp knife.
In a bowl gently toss the mint, parsley, radish and flowers with olive oil.
Ladle the soup in to chilled bowls and carefully place the salad in the centre.

A perfect starter to any meal at any time of the year.
It also makes a great canapé served in shot glasses.


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